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Even in this computer age, handwriting is a critical life skill.

Children with good coordination and pre-writing skills will tend to pick up handwriting skills no matter how they are instructed.
We can help parents with that.

However, a significant number of kids encounter a problem with some element of writing. Some are helped by straightforward methods in the classroom by the teacher.
We can help teachers with that.

Some need more in-depth assessment and one-on-one instruction to overcome an obstacle.
We specialize in helping kids.

Adults in all walks of life will feel the demand to improve their handwriting.
We have the appropriate workbooks and tools to help them, too!



HandRIGHTing Ink can help...

Learn about
Interactive Metronome classes in Suburban Philadelphia. Click here to read more about this ground-breaking program for children with ADD and other learning issues.

We have added a number of new, interesting articles conceerning the importance of handwriting.


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